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The Waking Eyes - Watch your Money

Reviewed by Andreas on 9th November 2005

The Waking Eyes, hailing from Canada sound like Jet. That is the thing that most notably sticks in my head, and I'm just waiting, waiting for them to go "one two three four, get your woman on the floor!" or something similarly empty.

'Watch Your Money' is one of those "full-on" rock songs with solos and hooks that belong in the 1970s, in a concert full of people in Emerson, Lake and Palmer t-shirts. It's kind of catchy, but lacks melody and charm.

Personally I am left unfulfilled, bored and maybe a bit offended by The Waking Eyes, but I can see 'Watch your Money' crash into the hitlists. According to the press release, The Waking Eyes have already won some kind of award for being someones favourite band, but that just goes to show how little it takes to impress people who hand out awards.

Rating: 4/10
Website: www.thewakingeyes.com