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Scarling - City Noise

Reviewed by Andreas on 19th April 2006

I am a great supporter of the idea that music should make you feel something. By that I mean that the songs you listen to should give you something that somehow increases the quality of your life, at least for 3 minutes or however long the song in question is. "City Noise" didn't.

I don't know much about Scarling, but looking at their websites, they certainly look the part of a...welll... a group of people in black with quite the grasp of style. Therefore it will surely disappoint them somewhat that their song makes me feel very little. "City Noise", which is their forthcoming single, is played very well and all that, crashing guitars opening and a "soaring" (got to love those vague terminologies, kids) chorus. It's all pleasant enough, but I am left wanting some actual emotional input from the song.

This is something for the kids with "Nightmare Before Christmas" hoodies. An OK song, but emotionally void.

Rating: 4/10
Website: www.myspace.com/scarling