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Midasuno - The Law Of Tooth And Fang

Reviewed by Ben on 18th May 2006

Now I used to harp on and on and on about a band from Merthyr Tydfil called Midasuno way back when. They had a no nonsense image, coupled with fantastic tracks that somewhat bent the norm of what was popular in the day. "The Art Of Fear" and "Hypocrite" were two songs I constantly plugged to people to listen to, and people really did get into them here in Lincoln, as I am also guessing around Britain.

Low and behold I was shocked to see what the band are doing these days...

Attributing a look to My Chemical Romance amongst other emo-types, and sporting the same generic Noel Fielding hair-cut every self-deprecating indie-hipster/emo-hipster is wearing this season, my stomach turned when I saw what they'd become. "The Law Of Tooth And Fang" just seemed... well... very unlike the Midasuno a lot of people have come to love, like they were almost selling themselves far short and have hopped on the emo bandwagon (if just on image alone). Almost power-pop in it's approach, apparently it symbolises the big "fuck you and thank you" to those surrounding the band during their campaign as an unsigned band

I think I can honestly say, with regards to the first track from their EP "Til Death Do Us Party", it's more a "fuck you" to some of the fans possibly alienated from the very sharp turn of events. There's always hope from the next tracks from the EP...

Rating: 4/10
Website: www.myspace.com/midasuno