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The JD (The Juliana Down) - Cold

Reviewed by Ben on 2nd June 2006

Already having established a name for themselves on the West Midlands local music scene, having played shows in Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry, The JD's offering Cold seems to have a very large reputation to live up to. The track Cold is already being played on Kerrang! Radio - however it does feel like a band going through the paces many other local bands.

it's not a bad thing by any means. The vocals are very powerful and the acoustic guitar going into the tried-and-tested "quiet-loud-quiet" is without it's faults, but it just seems like the band are sticking to a formula everyone heard. A good analogy to use as far as Cold is concerned would be that it's something Breed 77 would play to a more mainstream audience (flamenco and screams aside)

The hidden gem on the single is the b-side, Hidden Agenda, which manages to mash up at times a ska-feel to it while maintaining a very post-grunge edge to it. I found myself midi surfing while listening to the b-side, and I hope that this gets more radio play than Cold - it's Hidden Agenda that, although still has a formulaic, would be an energetic track to draw in listeners.

Finding myself somewhat pushed away from the track they've chosen to head their single with, then drawn back in with their b-side, I can only hope to hear more from The JD to somehow draw at least an idea as to their influences - however, the band are still worth checking out, if only for their rise in the local music scene

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thejulianadown