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babypinkstar - I Don't Care

Reviewed by Ben on 2nd June 2006

Claiming that they want to be "media whores" and appear on the front cover of Smash Hits and boasting that they loathe "shoe-gazing, teen-angsty, self-piteous wankers" (to paraphrase the band", babypinkstar's offering, I Don't Care, takes the punk rock snarl of Sid Vicious, the fuzzy synths of Atari Teenage Riot and mash it up with a dumb punk (and at times psychobilly), which comes out as, well, something the NME would label avante-garde.

To me, however, throwing around a tag such as avante-garde seems to be these days just another buzz word in the music press - much like grunge was, much like New Wave is still to this day. Imagine Black Flag with Alec Empire messing around with buttons, and you've got babypinkstar; but indeed, it does work! It's a catchy number that clearly stems off recent artists breaking out of the indie scene such as Be Your Own Pet. I Don't Care is two fingers up at conventional indie norms, and with that in mind, it's looking somewhat bright for the band - shame about the amount of swears though!

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.babypinkstar.com