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A + E Line - Christopher Walken

Reviewed by Ben on 2nd June 2006

A + E Line can boast that they are in touch with pop culture references - their single, Christopher Walken highlights to being with the storyline to Waynes World 2, the plight of Christopher Walken being typecast as well as various references to "The Deer Hunter" and "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead". All accompanied by haunting acoustic guitar and a truly 'British' accent flowing through the music, A + E Line can certainly raise their hands and proudly state their one of the more eccentric artists out there.

It's folk music for geeks; amusing, quirky but at no point verging on idiotic or daft (two labels Tenacious D seemingly get all the time), the vocals come across forlorn and heartfelt, and the guitar sombre at points where if the lyrical content wasn't directed at it's somewhat satirical summations of Mr. Walken, one could mistake it as being a lesser man's Tom McRae (sorry Dave...). It is, however, the topic of choice that keeps the song firmly outside the dreary realms of James Blunt or David Gray.

The duo claim they want a reply from Christopher Walken and for the track to appear in an upcoming film of his. Although this would seem a very audacious series of requests, the least they could hope for is some series airtime on commercial radio.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.aeline.co.uk