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Buen Chico - Giving Your Gifts

Reviewed by Dave on 2nd July 2006

I love the artwork for the single but I think Bob gets angry if we put pictures in the mini-reviews so you’ll just have to go buy the single and see for yourself.

‘Giving Your Gifts’ opens with a four second guitar riff that is very reminiscent of The Strokes back in their ‘Is This It’ days but then Morgan’s vocals kick in just when you may have been expecting to hear Julian Casablancas distinctive voice. The vocals are more like the current trend that we are seeing in bands like iForward Russia! and The Automatic, however where at times it is hard to discern what the vocalists of the aforementioned bands are singing, Morgan slows it down a notch and crazily enough you can tell what he is singing. The track is two minutes and fourteen seconds of joy; it’s fast and everything fits together really well. I can see myself having this stuck in my head for days on end.

The B side ‘Drip, Drip, Tick Tock’ is a bit slower than ‘Giving Your Gifts’ and is maybe not as catchy but it is still a lovely song the riffs are still Strokes-esque but are also given a hefty dose of Weezer as well. Buen Chico bounce through the three minutes and fourteen seconds with what sounds like utter glee and it is hard not to share that feeling when you listen to this song, even now my foot is tapping along and I have a huge smile on my face, this is how music should make you feel on a Sunday morning, joyful.

Its fun to listen to, its catchy and its going on my MP3 Player ‘Giving Your Gifts’ is well worth a listen and Zane Lowe agrees as does Tom Robinson.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.buenchico.com

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