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Pilotlight - Music to Cross the Road to

Reviewed by Dave on 4th July 2006

Pilotlight originally hail from Dublin and are now based in London, there are four of them. The press release that accompanied the single says that the band create “intense emotional music” that goes from “fragile and intricate to harsh and overwhelming”, after hearing the A side on the single I have to agree.

This is the band’s fourth single, their last single Bite Your Nails reached number 36 in the Irish National Charts and their three singles prior to that saw similar amounts of success.

Music to cross the road to opens with some twang-y guitar riffs and soft vocals and builds to the chorus which is a more powerful part of the song as the singer begs “don’t let me get hit”. The guitars are beautifully played and provide excellent backing to the alternately rough and smooth vocals provided by the vocalist. Unfortunately towards the end the song suffers when the vocals become fuzzy and there is a lot of static, the song fades out to some distorted guitar noise though and all seems well

The B side all purpose underneath is a gorgeous slow post-rock track with obvious influences from Sigur Rós. The song remains slow throughout and never builds pace, nor does it really increase in volume, from the two tracks this one is definitely my favourite the vocals are gorgeous and the guitars are excellent. The song itself conjures up some deep emotions about love lost and chances missed, things that might have been but never were and the whole thing is quite heart-wrenching really, if you can listen to this song and not feel anything then you have no soul.

Music to cross the road to is wonderful and well worth getting your hands on, the only way is up for these Irish lads.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.pilotlightmusic.com