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Sixer - Love Me Like You Do

Reviewed by Ben on 7th August 2006

Anglo/Spanish (via. Birmingham - queue a hundred dodgy accents saying 'Wagon Wheels') Sixer throw out their first offering from their own label 'Snowy Memo', entitled Love Me Like You Do. Upon first listen, the band create a myriad of almost shoegazing harmonies with their (very much) use of guitars on appropriate delay.

It's almost as if U2 had sent a single in to Rawkstar for us to review. The lyrics drawn from life experience at times cannot be heard for the amount of delay used not only on guitar but vocals. I could make out the "Love Me Like You Do" lyrics, but most of the lyrical content contained clichéd such as the much maligned use of 'every cloud/silver lining' schtick. It's B-Side contained more of the same - if not with more emphasis on the listener almost emoting to the track.

Maybe I am being harsh on the band, but it feels as if the duo aren't sure if they want to be a shoegazing band, something along the vein of the 'inspirational/insipid' rock of U2 (present day U2 - you can't try to insult Joshua Tree) or post-rock. Definitely a band for a niche market out there, but sadly I felt the single lacked something. Here's remaining optimistic for the album though.

Rating: 4/10
Website: www.sixermusic.co.uk

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