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Malefice - Relentless EP

Reviewed by Ben on 7th August 2006

They've been boasted about garnering five K's in Kerrang! Magazine (for those who want a conversion to a credible rating... five K's is equal to 2-3 stars in Q magazine these days) and have had track featured on a cover CD for predominant 'if it isn't metal,we don't give a f...' magazine Terrorizer, it was time for those in here at Rawkstar to give their two cents.

While Malefice's opening track The Force That You Fear offers nothing relevantly new to the metal scene, the fact of the matter is it's a very accurate depiction of what's on offer today. I can see the similarities to Lamb Of God (along with Phil Anselmo's new band Down, one of the buzzes of that music scene at present day) and they stay true to their formula.

The EP contains nods to Killswitch Engage (Seven, Conscience Fading) and Slipknot (Burning Shadows)But it's final track, Cometh The Hour, that truly hits home the brutality one could associate with Hatebreed or Agnostic Front.

You may not enjoy the metal scene, but if you are a fan, you can entrust your faith in Malefice, who could actually be the successors to heavy stalwarts Raging Speedhorn. Metal kids - pay attention!

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.malefice1.co.uk

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