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Mean+Flower - Orchards

Reviewed by Ben on 8th August 2006

Norwegian Power-Pop merchants Mean+Flower provide the listening public with five new tracks. Having lost a member of the band (amicably - which is a rarity in this day an age), some might be apprehensive as to whether they can still deliver their mix of shoegazing-indie rock. However, Orchards is probably a deeper, profound release with Midtgaard's guitarwork and Yashar Alousha vocals and mellifluous lyrics at times comparable to the likes of Interpol.

The EP's listening capability is very accessible, but still retains it's edginess - not needing to dumb down any factors that made In Bloom a popular disc. It also contains possibly the most catchiest chorus in independent music today, with "Jesus loves the dreamers, tonight"(People on the TV). The song along receives comments amongst fans and audience members to "play the Jesus song!". Another stand out release from the Anglo/Norsk band.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.mean-flower.net