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Chickenhawk/I Breathe Spears/With Scissors - Split EP

Reviewed by Ben on 29th August 2006

From various parts of the UK, three bands unite trying to bring back the true ethos of screamo. Chickenhawk's approach involves the use of a vocal effect not unlike the sounds of the dying horde's from The Evil Dead, all the while throwing out jazz style solo's and breathing some life back into mathcore; a dying sub genre.

I Breathe Spears is a reminder of what Helvis (Raging Speedhorn frontman "Bloody" Kev's former band) would sound like had they injected a guitarist from the youth of today into their ensemble. At times it sounds as if it'd go down the grindcore route, then it changes into the chaotic noise you would find listening to Dillinger Escape Plan (that's the D.E.P without Mike Patton on vocals)

With Scissors, however, owe a lot to bands like The Locust and early GlassJAw - with their manic energy displayed through their music, and vocalist Charley Hunt striking a similarity at points to Daryl Palumbo. Not a bad thing at all - in fact, quite a good thing.

If you're into screamo and looking for someone a little more evolved than what's on offer these days, then these three bands are very much worth a viewing if they roll up to a venue near you. They're good for what they are - counter-culture hardcore.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.milliepeedrecords.co.uk