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The Code - Back Of The Room

Reviewed by Ben on 5th September 2006

Much like the exciting, mercurial guitar resonance familiar to We Are Scientists, quartet The Code come fighting out of north London for their stylised take on the indie rock. Gone are the jingle-like guitar work many bands feel is the trademark sound of indie, in comes metronome like drumming, with the guitar work almost verging on the rock eclat of Foo Fighters and other such affiliates.

Back Of The Room is vibrant; very much like Birmingham outfit Editors, The Code have a big audible mentality – weighty compositions with vocals that at don’t try and attain a sugary sweet contrast to their style. I Think You Got Me Wrong could easily contest being an A-Side in future releases, almost as illusory as Back Of The Room, while If is almost a departure from the previous two tracks on offer – but is still effective, with less than subtle nods to indie ballads.

Overall, an exciting and promising release – with all signs pointing to success in the very near future

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.thecode555.com