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babypinkstar - Poseur

Reviewed by Ben on 6th September 2006

Like a Casio keyboard hooked up to a plutonium generator, the samples and effects throughout babypinkstar's first official single release are tightly fused to the rest of the band and equally as radioactive. With their brand of brash punk vehement and almost disco like euphony, Poseur is a testament to the ludicrous ostentatious values the indie scene has taken upon itself in this day and age, with Tómas' rasping vocals adding that edge of trepidation to the proceedings. It works... almost.... the oxymoron of this situation being that babypinkstar's mien is that of a fashionable indie outfit; ponder that this may be ironic, however.

I Don't Care gets a renovation from it's early demo appearance, dropping the sample laden intro in favour for simple guitar work. And it is highly effective, building up more of a pace associated with an alternative act.

Perfectly acceptable release. I hear the NME beckoning and the pigeonholing the four piece... and then I await their revolt towards the thunderous commercial miscreant.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.babypinkstar.com