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Gus Black - Certain Kind of Light

Reviewed by Ben on 6th September 2006

The life of Gus Black has been fraught with high tension and emotion - it's not everyday you get to review a single from someone who's had a gun pointed at their head. Well, someone not from the hip hop scene at least. However, drawing on that experience created a fraught atmosphere to work in - thus the haunting symphony behind Certain Kind of Light is perfectly understandable.

Playing almost like a Brendan Benson track, Gus Black's artisan ways with his backing band conspire to revive the emoting of songwriting in three different flavours; album mix, arena rock mix and acoustic mix. All three are contained within the packaging of this single; so it's a little something for everyone. Indeed the music is moving, although each empathy change with each song; be it a certain feeling of empowerment with the arena rock version of the song, delicacy with the acoustic version, or just simply elation with the album version.

Perfectly acceptable AOR, which can be enjoyed by those who aren't adults.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.gusmusic.com