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Dapunksportif - Ready, Set, Go

Reviewed by Ben on 20th September 2006

The definition of 'stoner rock', allegedly, is music that is almost robotic â€" a monotonous tone through a song which is usual slow to mid tempo combining a dirty ‘chug’ (for lack of a better word at this time of the day) of a bass guitar with a raw production value that you’d find synonymous with garage rock bands of the sixties/seventies. Queens of the Stone Age have proven to be the kings of this genre (after formulating the style with Kyuss), while many attribute Monster Magnet with being a ‘desert rock’ band with attitude (another name to pigeonhole bands with).

However the genre’s been given a royal kick up the backside with bands like Wolfmother entering the fray, and Portugal’s Dapunksportif, with their single Ready, Steady, Go may be another band heralding the return of stoner rock. With the bass plugged into what I can only presume as a jackhammer pedal, and their finger on the slowly throbbing pulse of pot smokers everywhere, the two piece have presented a strong debut â€" all the hallmarks of 'stoner rock', as are the simplistic vocals, which no doubt will draw comparison to the works of Josh Homme.

Ready, Set, Go could perhaps be an oxymoron â€" with their style, it’s more of a ‘light up, tune in, flop out’ approach; in terms of their style of music, this is unquestionably a good thing.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.dapunksportif.com

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