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Hardly Mozart - One For The Road

Reviewed by Ben on 20th September 2006

Can the world stomach another pop/punk act? Yellowcard, Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm and a whole host of other acts that at one point swarmed the music genre, which ultimately got knocked off by emo (and hell, emo music got front-page publication from the NME last week!). However, far from stomaching upcoming acts of the aforementioned genre, one could be forgiven for embracing Hardly Mozart, Norwich’s five piece alternative outfit. From winning a competition allowing them to have a video produced by the BBC, through to appearances on various television networks, they somehow have written a song that could be construed as a guilty pleasure – a zeitgeist to the post nu-metal era.

And a guilt pleasure it is – even the most hardened fan of niche sub-genres in the alternative world would find themselves nodding along to the melodies being wielded by the guitarists, with stupidly catchy lyrics from a pop-esque band since Mean+Flower’s People On The TV.

Touching wood as always, there’s high hopes for the album, Whatever Happened To Jago being consistently as good as the strength of this single.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/jagorule