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The Poppers - Charlie is a Sinner

Reviewed by Andreas on 20th September 2006

I don't like wasting time on drab music. However, The Poppers have made playing boring Creedence Clearwater Revival covers into an art. Such statements aren't to be taken lightly. "Charlie is a Sinner" sounds just like CCR's "Proud Mary" (you know, the song that goes "Rolling, rolling daaawhn the river"), and in my books that is a terrible thing. It is outdated, and outright naff. Your dad will perhaps like it, if he's got bad taste. In a word, BAD.

Sure, the band is proficient enough. They all play well, the vocalist has that husky "I've had too much whiskey" lilt going on, but it is just so inconsequential and down right boring. Who'd buy this? More importantly, who'd pay to have this recorded? Sometimes you cannot do anything but despair at the way the music industry works.

This is the bit where I'd make my plea to all songwriters to do a better job, but after hearing "Charlie is a Sinner" all hope for the future of music has left me.

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Rating: 0/10
Website: www.thepoppers.net