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Parkinsons - Heroes and Charmers

Reviewed by Ben on 21st September 2006

I wasn’t quite sure how to take Parkinson’s offering, Heroes and Charmers. Is it in part trying to come across as The Jam? Could I here a somewhat “Oi” punk impels within their music somewhere? In a world where a lot of people are either trying to replicate the old guard or being avant-garde, Parkinsons are sadly stuck between the two. It does play out a little too much like a high pitched Paul Weller fronting The Libertines. Their elegies play out a little too shouty than normal, and what we’re left with is band trying to be cutting edge, but rather come across rather inoffensive.

While its musicality is brilliant, I just felt it lacked any sort of oomph. It just seems rather too radio friendly, which to many wouldn’t be considered a bad thing – but times are changing, and radio shows who broadcast the genre this would be pigeonholed in are no longer looking for radio friendly, they’re looking for music with a bite to it.

Potentially, I would hope Parkinsons future releases have that Stooges influence they're tagged with.

Rating: 5/10
Website: adamant.gfrs.co.uk/parkinsons