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Grief Society - The Balance of Power

Reviewed by Ben on 4th October 2006

Guitar driven rock with a twinge of ragga involved. Does it sound like Skindred.Dub War? Vocal wise perhaps, but this is a fall back to the era of when bands such as Living Colour came out with their multi-racial melting pot of ideas and it amalgamated just as well as the aforementioned band. Grief Society's release of The Balance of Power shares more attribution to the early 90's alt.rock scene more than anything, with it's jangle pop-esque guitars yet the eyes of the band are not staring at their shoes, more looking on headstrong with a catch pop sensibility.

Their last release in 1997 was met with critical acclaim, yet the masses in mainstream rock land neglected them. To neglect them now is a big mistake. Radio friendly pop-rock has gained an edge again.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.myspace.com/griefsociety