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Paparazzi Whore - I Don't Think So

Reviewed by Ben on 4th October 2006

Electro-music has taken on many different forms. From the electro-pop antics of Ladytron through to the sheer aggressive nature of Atari Teenage Riot, it seems that the genre as a whole had given birth to widespread splinter groups. However, it would be a bad idea to simply pigeon-hole Paparazzi Whore into one style. In part Electroclash, in part Indietronica, their release I Don't Think So is a decadent foray into both styles, meanwhile it's use of a dirty bass guitar and stripped down musicality may leave some fans of the Garage Rock style having an eye opening experience.

Indietronica is a new label being thrown around - and to this reviewer, it is a confusing prospect when discussing what the genre actually is. This is a prime example of what early 2007 will be turfing out, however. Paparazzi Whore's devilsh construction of different musical styles not only works, but proves to be very, very catchy.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/paparazziwhore