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MC Lars - Ahab

Reviewed by Ben on 10th October 2006

Being touted as the "King of the MySpace Generation", MC Lars' brand of alternative rap-meets-Imogen Heap style laptop electronic at times comes across like a more cultured Goldie Lookin' Chain and at others another example of Bastard Pop. With Ahab, Lars samples seminal britpop act Supergrass' Moving, all the while charging forth with the songs concept - a brief, yet 'hip' retelling of Melville's Moby Dick.

While on paper (and believe me, I was privy to this) the premise looks as if the final product would be a hokey mish-mash of styles, in practice it is surprisingly amusing, catch and can be taken with a degree of seriousness; much like Bastard Pop, the genre collision of two at times polar opposite styles comes together and works in harmony.

Though maybe the crowd of "King of the MySpace Generation" maybe somewhat premature, musically he could be a contender to the thrown

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.mclars.com