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Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike

Reviewed by Dave on 13th February 2009

Formed in 2005, like many Leeds bands Sky Larkin began their quest to fame on the city’s famous Dance To The Radio label where they rubbed elbows with bands like ¡Forward, Russia!, iLiKETRAiNS and The Pigeon Detectives.

The band’s first releases were ‘Summit’ and a Napoleon IIrd remix of ‘Keepsakes’ on DTTR compilations 'Something I Learned Today' and 'Out Of The Woods And Trees'.

Now on Wichita Records the band releases their debut album in the form of the charming, energetic and catchy ‘The Golden Spike’.


‘Fossil, I’ was the first single released by Sky Larkin on Wichita Records and it makes a brilliant introduction to ‘Golden Spike’, the fast paced riffs and passionate vocals from Kate Harkin let you know exactly what to expect from the remainder of the album.

‘Matador’ and ‘Geography’ bring a much welcome change of pace and keep the album from sounding too similar all the way through, of which there is a danger.

'Keep Sakes' finishes off 'The Golden Spike' rather nicely with a jaunty, fast paced and passionate song about cutting someone into pieces, keeping them in boxes and jars just so you know they are safe.

It will likely take a few listens for the listener to fully enjoy ‘The Golden Spike’ it is not an album that leaps out and grabs you first listen but there are enough outstanding tracks to make it a contender for album of the year.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.weareskylarkin.com
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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