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The X-Certs - Self Titled EP

Reviewed by Michael on 27th April 2004


Released on the 25th July 2003 through Fat Hippy Records, this EP is a masterclass on how to write songs that hook straight into your heart and your mind.

It begins with the essential sing along song - "stay the same". It starts fairly innocently, but bursts into life. It picks you up, carries you on the wind and drops you straight into the water, giving you a wake up call. It has evolved into a sure fire classic song live, as the lyrics really come to life. All in all, this is 3:46 of a roller coaster ride of emotion.

Up next comes a song that has been dropped from the live set - "into the silence". Possibly the best song on the EP, it shows the depth and talent of the band when they're able to leave it out and still have a set full of quality songs. "into the silence" wouldn't sound out of place on national radio - Murray's vocals sound particularly on fire in this track, which really defines them as a band to myself. The standard this song has sets them apart from many, many other local bands - and it's frightening to think what they're capable of.

"long ago boy" starts off quietly, but soon evolves into the crashing, heart-wrenching, provoking song that they're renowned for. The chorus in particular keeps you hanging on for just a little bit more, and it delivers in possibly the best way possible.

"darker ages" is another staple of the live show - starting off fast and mellow, and eventually descending into anarchy, spilling every last drop of sweat and letting you know that although the show might be over, the future is definitely theirs. The ending comes as a cacophony of power, before ending the EP with one final blast of power.

All in all, it's well worth the four pounds. Get it from the link below.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.fathippyrecords.co.uk


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