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Supergrass - Supergrass Is 10: The Best of 94-04

Reviewed by Bob on 26th June 2004

After 10 years, Supergrass put some of their best tunes together on one CD from 'Alright', 'Pumping on Your Stereo' and 'Mary' to newest single 'Kiss Of Life'. Kicking off with Caught by The Fuzz, their first single, released in 1994, what better way to start off the album?

Despite this being my first supergrass album, I knew every song, which speaks for itself! During their 10 year life, they've released so many great songs, half of which have been used on countless commercials and as anthems for various things (just think of Alright!!).

The artwork for the CD is super, pin badges all with random slogans and pictures for the front cover and the tracks all get a badge of their own on the back cover. Inside the booklet takes you through the 4 Albums Supergrass have released, with some info and pictures from each era.

They have also released a DVD of the videos from the last 10 years, same title as the CD, worth it just for the 'Mary' video. The CD is great for people, like me, who don't own any albums but like the singles they've heard and fans alike.

Everyone needs this album pumping on their stereo! (I apologise for my poor use of Supergrass lyrics to end the review...)

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.supergrass.com
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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