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Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood

Reviewed by Bob on 31st October 2004

The Manics return with their 7th studio album... And the question everyone is asking: 'Is it any good?' well... yes it is but not in a Manic sort of way. Recording the album took them to Ireland, Cardiff and New York, where they worked with legendary producer Tony Visconti on tracks Solitude Sometimes Is, Cardiff Afterlife and Emily.

So, lets get the worst parts of the album out of the way first... These being Cardiff Afterlife and, first single, The Love Of Richard Nixon. The latter is actually growing on me but still not enough for me to class it as 'good'. However, it is a catchy tune, so it was probably a good choice for a single.

Now, onto the better tracks. Empty Souls is probably my favourite track off the album also to be the second single. To Repel Ghosts, this needs to played loud, it creates an excellent atmosphere with it's soaring chorus. Finally, Glasnost this is a 'nice' song, with a 'nice' riff playing throughout.

And those songs not mentioned are somewhere between good and bad. But where is the rawk? - it's gone... The Manics have a made a purely pop album, this was to be expected, and for a pop record it's great!

All in all, this is a lot better than Know Your Enemy - that was a bad album and Lifeblood just can't top This is my truth... which is arguably the best post Richey album.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.manics.co.uk
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


Gravatar jobby says:-

I think this is their most mature work aethetically as well as literally- Know Your Enemy was also excellent in parts apart from the great abba ish song ruined at the end by profanity; I don't think much of the early albums which only had one or two good tracks on each.Sorry all you hardcore fans, I know you think the Holy Bible was the best thing they've ever done, but not this moose.

23rd March 2006 @ 08:24:34 GMT

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