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Willy Mason - Where The Humans Eat

Reviewed by Ben on 31st January 2005

Without any knowledge of the artist or even the slightest comprehension of what style he is, on first listen one could mistake Martha's Vineyard resident Willy Mason for being a hard nosed veteran of the music scene; one that's seen over the years the rise and fall of such trendy music styles, yet he's only just decided to pull the trigger and showcase his soulful adult orientated mix of blues, folk and indie.

Once you've discovered the cornucopia of talent said artist has to offer in his first album, Where The Humans Eat, become amazed when I tell you that Willy is still at the tender age of 19. Incredible when you think what a mature singing style he has on top of what can only be described the yearning vocals of a once proud singer, now pouring his hear out.

The variety of his songs show his adaptability to transcend styles, from the bounding somewhat sprightly melodies of Gotta Keep Moving, through to the ballad that is Where The Humans Eat. The stand out track, however, would be Mason's first single release, Oxygen, which touts quite poignant lyrics in which Mason somewhat extends his helping hand and wishing for his fellow peers and younger listeners to start something; to look in the face of adversity society places in front of them and come out strong. This is a positive way to act out teenage angst as opposed to the make up clad pop-inklings of other artists who are in a bigger limelight yet just end up becoming contradictions of themselves.

It is indeed a fantastic album, though at points it does seem songs can drag out. It's a great first effort from Willy Mason though and bearing his age, you can’t help but to think this album might be a little piece of history a few years down the line

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.willymason.co.uk
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


Gravatar Matt says:-

19?! I'd heard Oxygen a while back and liked it for a while, but now I know he's only 19, whoa. Awesome. It's now the next album for me to buy, just wish iTunes would work, can't even get it to start up! Grr

26th September 2006 @ 20:48:15 GMT

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