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Kent - Du och jag döden (You and me death)

Reviewed by Andreas on 27th March 2005

Now, Kent might not be all that familiar to readers in England and the US, but they should be. Gods and whatnot willing, they will be.

Because Kent are good, very very good. Even so, their efforts into the UK and the US with albums sung in English haven't gone all too well. To the best of my knowledge, none of their albums did terribly good in Britain, and thus the bilingual releases have stopped. "Du och jag Döden" is sung in Swedish, but don't let that stop you from looking into them.

The album itself is quite dark, moody, but also uplifting and tender. It relies quite heavily on the bands that influenced it though; The Cure and Depeche Mode feature quite severely through the first few songs. "400 slag" (400 strikes) could well be off an album by The Cure.

Each song is well-produced, first single "Max 500" being an obvious highlight mid-way through the album. However, the melodies that only become apparent after a good few listens is what really makes the album. "Palace & Main" is one of this year's best pop-choruses, whilst "Mannen i den vita hatten" (the man in the white hat) features an incredible intro.

Still, the album has its faults. Mainly in that it's quite hard to get into; it requires patience, and no album should really do that to any great extent. For new listeners, I'd recommend Kent's previous albums "Isola" and "Väpen och Ammunition" - especially the last track on the former, "747", which has been described by several people as the best song ever written. And they could be right.

Get "Du och jag Döden". Right after you've gotten a hold of "Isola".

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.kent.nu


Gravatar adnan says:-

so could you be kind to translate the lyrics to english to understand the lyrics?

8th May 2005 @ 14:36:18 GMT

Gravatar Andreas says:-

Well, I'll see what I can find online... try www.kent.nu I suppose. Personally I haven't got the time to translate them I'm afraid :)

9th May 2005 @ 10:40:26 GMT

Gravatar crestfallen says:-

there´s translations on kent.nu, forum, english group.


[Here are some song translations - Bob ed.]

17th May 2005 @ 06:49:41 GMT

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