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The Tears - Here Come The Tears

Reviewed by Graeme on 2nd June 2005

Like many a Suede zealot, I always longed for the day when Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson would settle their differences and start making great music again. Lets be honest, the last Suede record arguably only had one good track (Obsessions), and the second McAlmont & Butler record unarguably had none. Nevertheless, we all lived in silent hope that should the two ever re-unite they would immediately get back to making classic records again despite having been treading water for so long. Miraculously, they've pulled it off.

First things first - The Tears are not Suede. In actual fact, musically they are more indebted to the Spector meets Broadway sound of early McAlmont & Butler (circa "Yes") than the glam tinged indie of vintage era Suede. This can most clearly be heard on tracks like Brave New Century, or the fantastic debut single Refugees - all swirling guitars and strings that reach for the stars.

Suede fans need not worry, though, as Brett Anderson is still finding new ways to pen odes about outcast lovers and the beauty in the little details of being down and out. You could argue he's been peddling the same story for his entire career - but when you do it this good, who's complaining?

Elsewhere, there are lilting Spanish melodies in Imperfection, classic Butler riffs on Autograph and one of Anderson's greatest ever vocal performances on the incredible Apollo 13.

Ultimately, you've probably already decided if you're going to listen to this - based on your previous opinions of the two protagonists at hand. But even if you're intending giving it a major body swerve, you'd be doing yourself a major disservice - this is, in your writers opinion, the best record released this year so far.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.thetears.org
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


Gravatar Claude says:-

It's much better than late-era Suede ("Head Music" and the after that i never bought, i dont think many did) but perhaps not quite a masterpiece. Nevertheless there are two fantastic songs, to me absolutely up there with the very best of Suede. "Autograph" with Bernard Butler in Johnny Marr-mode, it should be a hit...and "Lovers". Shame Independiente are giving The Tears ZERO promotions, coz "Lovers" could really do well in the charts. Interesting also Brett Anderson is hopefully, at last, moving away from the self-parodic vocal style he had found himself stuck in in the last few years. His voice sounds on top form here.

Final comment. Off-topic. Why, on this site, you invitebands to send their demos if you don't review them? Twice we've sent it to you... Erm...*Clear voice* Maybe we should review website that claim to review stuff? you'd get a zero!

[Sorry 'bout that, I'll have a look into it... Bob-ed]

7th July 2005 @ 00:18:00 GMT

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