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Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

Reviewed by Ben on 3rd September 2005

With a hectic touring schedule, playing instruments for other bands (this year, he's worked with Trent Reznor and Garbage) and also rumoured movie work with the upcoming Tenacious D movie, Dave Grohl has no doubt proved yet again he is the one of the hardest working men in rock music. And to record a double album such as In Your Honor, you would no doubt agree with the previous statement. On the surface however, it would appear that the album is an act of self indulgence, showing us that the band are not the heavy rock outfit that brought us The Colour and The Shape and One By One.

It's with that in mind that the album suffers from a severe problem. It doesn't know if it wants to return to days of old with such tracks as No Way Back and DOA, or if it wants to tap into the current music trends of late with it's somewhat screamo-esque first single, Best Of You. Grohl's silky vocals have somewhat taken a back step with a grainy, gruffness to his voice and in places the lyrics seem simple as to accommodate his trademark "Grohl Growl". The first CD does have some standout tracks (No Way Back, The Last Song, Resolve), but unlike some of their previous efforts, it does seem like the first disc has moments you find yourself skipping through songs.

The second disc however, does showcase the talent on offer should the band choose to do an unplugged set (it does seem like that's the reason for it). The standout track for Foo Fighters fans is, however, the reworking of Friend of a Friend, a song first written for Grohl's "Pocketwatch" demo sessions. Cold Day In The Sun also is a catchy number with drummer Taylor Hawkins taking over singing and guitar duties - possibly a sign of another drummer taking a foray into the world of being a lead singer. However, as with the first disc, you do find yourself skipping through tracks constantly - a fatal error overall with the album.

Dave Grohl has said he was contemplating finishing with the Foo Fighters on a high. Touch wood, this isn't the high he's talking about.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.foofighters.com
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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