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Last Precious Cookie - My Very First Cosmic Adventure EP

Reviewed by Andreas on 25th October 2005

This cd has been with me for about a week now, and I've managed to listen to it maybe twice. That's all I've had the patience for. I know it's harsh to say and all, but this is, when you break it down, rubbish.

Last Precious Cookie is a one-man outfit, the product of Richy K. Chandler's songwriting and, er, talent. Seemingly having used the cheapest samples and studio software he could lay his hands on, he's pasted together an EP consisting of four trite, uninteresting and vaguely uncomfortable electro pop songs. From the pling-plongy intro of "Pod" to the end of the horrible "The A-Z of Absolute Truth" it's a (I'm just guessing here) a weed fuelled trip through Jean Michelle Jarre's dull back catalogue.

And if this horror isn't enough, he's got a commentary on the track "Pod" at the end of it, in which he talks over the song, 'regaling' us with rubbish stories about how he played the drum loop backwards. It is totally unnecessary and horrible.

The thing is that there are so many others who do this kind of interesting electro music a whole lot better, and Last Precious Cookie is so far away from all of them.


Rating: 0/10
Website: www.lastpreciouscookie.com


Gravatar Tibah Hussain says:-

I have to disagree with you. Its the freshest sound I've heard to date. I could listen to it for hours...

4th November 2005 @ 15:48:47 GMT

Gravatar andreas says:-

wow, Tibah Hussain must be deaf.

22nd February 2006 @ 19:39:24 GMT

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