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Rifu - Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom

Reviewed by Andreas on 13th April 2006

Wahey, turns out this lot is from my own native Norway. And as far as extremely hardcore punk goes, they are one of the finer bands I've ever heard. Admittedly this is not a genre I am too familiar with, but there you go.

"Sold out World" hits so hard it's difficult to imagine what these guys do in their spare time apart from, you know, systematically deconstructing the world. From there on out, the album is competently played and certainly lives up to what you'd expect from a record titled "Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom". There are nods to such brilliant acts as Refused throughout, and if I could make out the lyrics, I am sure they would be of a similar calibre.

The band bulldozes through the album, seemingly never needing to draw a single breath throughout, and for a few songs it remains quite captivating.

My main problem with the record is the monotony of the tracks. There is little to help the listener differentiate between tracks, and near the end of the album I am tempted to turn it off and listen to something that doesn't sound like it wants me to die. Furthermore, as it transpires, the singing is at times off key when the band branches out from the screaming and into cleaner territories. This is not good. In a genre that, from what I know as an innocent bystander/outsider, is ridden with bands that seemingly sound just like each other, it is important to be perfectly different in order to get somewhere. Whilst I don't doubt Rifu's talent as hc/punk songwriters, the quality of vocal performance lets their songs down.

The production value of the record is also below par. Someone blatantly forgot to master the album, or have done it very badly. The volume is lower than my other records, and this drags the entire experience down. After the intro track (droney radio samples and stuff) I was expecting something that would blow my ears off, not something I'd have to turn my speakers up to properly appreciate.

Next time try a little bit harder, boys; you could go further than this.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.rifu.net


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