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Peaches - Impeach My Bush

Reviewed by Ben on 6th July 2006

Let me recount to you a witty anecdote; I went to university with a long haired, shaggy looking music demi-god - before I met Mr. Johansen (who works on this site), this was the guy I'd turn to regarding music that was 'hip', 'edgy' and above all else, made me look just as elitist as the other indie kids who I competed against. I was pointed towards the growing fad of electronica - of course being a fan of Prodigy I was familiar with aspects of electronica. But it was stuff like Ladytron and the sleaze of DJ Hell and Fischerspooner which led me into the sub-genre of Electroclash, and from there I became acquainted with Miss. Merrill Nisker... a.k.a Peaches.

Everything about Peaches screamed at my senses - the taboos broken, the stripped down dance aspects of her tracks coupled with the sheer decadent, hedonistic attitude she gives off. I was in total awe, and in 2003, 'Fatherfucker' was one of my top five albums that year.

So imagine my dismay when I stick 'Impeach My Bush' to hear the opening track very much in a similar vein to 'I Don't Give A Fuck', in which the vocals cut out the word 'my' to simply state 'impeach/Bush'. Was I going to be met with another album involving an artist stating their dismay with the American regime?


It's a double edged sword - thankfully it's more of the same from Peaches. Filth in droves, weather it be guy on guy action ("Just remember boys/An ass is an ass" is a delightful lyric featured in Two Guys), cunnilingus and fellatio (the imaginatively titled tracks 'Downtown' and 'Slippery Dick'). However, the albums downfall is also the fact it's more of the same. I can appreciate electroclash hasn't much room to advance and grow, but this album simply sounds like those tracks that were cut from her previous album. Even 'The Teaches of Peaches' showed some signs of progression.

If you, like myself, are a fan of the electroclash scene and in particular stuff by Peaches or Chicks on Speed, this still is a worthy purchase; it's not exactly a terrible album and is definitely worth a spin if you're accustomed to her style. It's just not ideal for those new to the scene or those who have had their interest piqued about Peaches by this article. It's a case really of someone not living up to the hype we've given them. And if you are new and want to get into Peaches then do yourself a favour; get 'Fatherfucker' and contemplate if you're ready to here the same thing again.

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.peachesrocks.com
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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