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Capulet - The World Is A Tragic Place, But There Is Grace All Around Us, So Attend To The Grace

Reviewed by Andreas on 17th July 2006

The first track is two minutes of synth humming, two minutes that don't really serve much of a purpose. "Die, Die Disco Death" it's called, and whilst this is a fetching title, it doesn't make the fact that it could have been completely omitted any less apparent.

Capulet, currently being released by the rather superb Motivesound recordings play instrumental rock. The press release mentions such influences as (my personal favourites) Explosions in the Sky and Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, both of which are quite apparent. Generally I find that most post-rock bands have a certain flair. Maybe it comes from the way you work when writing purely instrumental songs, making the guitars and bass speak volumes where words would be excessive. As such, it is a difficult genre Capulet have set sail into, in the shadows of such (relative) giants as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Japan's Mono and Scotland's Mogwai.

Now, drawing upon the old "they sound a bit like..." formula is not something that should be exercised to any great extent in music journalism. Or so some might say. However, with Capulet it is quite apt, but in a somewhat negative way. Their songs "F#" and "Boys Vs Girls" bring absolutely nothing new to the post-rock table, being totally predictable. Don't read this wrong, it's all very pleasant. Understated guitar lines glide gently into swoons that pick up pace and twist into something bloody loudish. However, there's precious little sign of anything that'd make me listen to Capulet as opposed to the other bands previously mentioned. Where Explosions in the Sky actually manage to capture genuine emotion that goes straight to the heart, Capulet are sort of missing by a few inches, rather piercing a lung.

The best moment on the record comes in the last few minutes of the gigantic rambler of a song, "No Time Spoke The Clock". A jittery rhythm slows down before easing into a crescendo and then all hell breaks loose as drums are killed and guitars molested. It's a glorious moment, and shows some real promise. Sadly not enough to save "The World..." from being a bit on the forgettable side of things, but a joyous experience none the less.

Sorry, Capulet. You have it in you to be better than this, if only you'd stop trying to be experimental and actually push your own boundaries some.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.myspace.com/capuletuk
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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