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Cherif Galal - We Are Not Bullet Proof

Reviewed by Dave on 30th August 2006

Cherif Galal are an Italian pop-rock group, although their songs contain more pop melodies than rock hooks. I am sure that the mere mention of “pop” has you all reaching for the back button but you should wait and read on because Cherif Galal are good.

Stand out songs include My Universe a guitar driven love song about how when you love someone they can become your whole universe. Brother is another good song, it tells the story of two brothers; one older who looks out for the younger one, but their paths separate as they grow older.


The opening song Fears and Troubles sounds very boy-band, which put me off at first and I still have no love for this opening track. The intro to the track sounds like something that might be heard in a Snow Patrol or a Keane song; the vocals however sound like something one might expect from the Backstreet Boys, which is a shame as the rest of the album is quite different to this opening track. The final track You are my Sun brings a pleasant end to the album, with a slow melodic love song.

When I think of pop music I think of over-produced, vapid and often pointless songs sung by an equally over-produced, over-marketed and pointless pop star. Cherif Galal’s ‘We are Not Bullet Proof’ is different; it is in fact, quite enjoyable. You might enjoy it too, if you have no aversion to pop music then check it out. If you like Snow Patrol and/or Keane then you might just love it.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.cherifgalal.co.uk


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