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Soulkut - Night Trip

Reviewed by Ben on 25th September 2006

Taking a look at the title of French DJ Soulkut’s debut release, Night Trip, and you could be forgiven for noticing a subtle nod in the direction of American road trip movies; the character’s final destination at times is unknown filled with the usual sortie of emotions of joy, fear and everything in between. Fact of the matter is that album played out from its opening track to its final coda plays out like a independent movie release – where it may lack the glitz and glamour of big budget studio films, it’s heart and it’s motives are it’s driving point and, ultimately, it’s success.

It’s clear to hear the influences Soulkut has drawn from, with certain nuances from the worlds of Jazz and Hip-Hop on show and it is those subtle intricacies in certain songs however that steer this release from the obscurity of being another fatuous dance album. While taking a careful listen to the almost Groove Armada house-like approach on Before Before, you can sense the electroclash element involved in the music – that comes as no surprise, seeing as Soulkut being signed to a German Electro label, there is a clear nod of thanks in their direction.

It is tub thumping single The Trigger that would stand out in terms of commercial appeal, with it’s polluted bass and synth lines in the background, all the while amalgamating phantom breaks within the concourse of characteristics. It’s final track, Introspective, much like the analogy aforementioned in regards to it being a movie, show just how close to home that reciprocity is – it indeed does sound like fitting music to the closing title sequence to a movie.

What we have on our hands is possibly one of the next big DJ’s to come out of the underground dance scene. Not since the likes of Shadow and Vadim have I heard something so eclectic and far beyond a lucid series of sequential beats and samples, so much so that Night Trip is genuinely provoking. If you follow the dance music scene, or like myself tune in and out of its divergent sub-genres, Soulkut’s first piece of work has consequentially made a huge impact.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon… to the point we’ll complain his appeal is so noteworthy car adverts will be using his stuff for added decor.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.myspace.com/soulkut


Gravatar Chichbo says:-

Snil, you rock guy ;-)

5th October 2006 @ 22:52:56 GMT

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