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Abigail Hopkins - Blue Satin Alley

Reviewed by Andreas on 15th February 2007

"Sublime" starts with a piano sequence that reminds me of the music in Twin Peaks - haunting and somehow a bit uncomfortable. After a couple of bars the song does spiral into a bit of a forgettable number, and the album goes up and down from there on out.

Hopkins settles nicely into a mix of jazz, pop and the occasional devil-sign-long-hair-and-denim-RAWK moment.

In the end, Abigail Hopkins' ethereal voice and moods on "Blue Satin Alley" makes for a nice listening experience. I can imagine listening to the album late in the night, when the rain is coming down in one of those quite melodramatic, utterly clichéd ways. After about half the album, the continuing monotone mood and half-whispered vocals do get a bit drab, however pretty Hopkins sings. High points are "In from the Sea" and "Ghost Soldiers" where she doesn't overplay her strengths to the point where the finger hits the "skip" button.

Rating: 5/10


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