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Make It Better Later - Headlines and Lies

Reviewed by HelenB on 6th March 2007

This single was just awesome. 'Headlines and Lies' is a lively track that doesn't disappoint from start to finish. Its criticism of politics and the press makes for interesting subject matter, and gives the song a raw edge, as clearly the group have some strong feelings about the world of politics, and hope others do too, if the lyrics 'so rise up, and come join the fight with me' are anything to go by.

I was most impressed by the b side though, which is called 'The Pirate Song' and is not surprisingly, about pirates. The slow, melodic, violins at the start of the track, are reminiscent of soundtracks of films like 'Rob Roy' and Braveheart', but then the heavier ska music and pirate voices come in, and you realise it's actually much better and more imaginative than that. Even on the first hearing of the song, you find yourself singing along to it, and pirate phrases like 'ooh ah' stick in your head for long afterwards. The song ends by going into a cover of 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor', which works incredibly well, and i bet is amazing live.

My only complaint is that the songs could have been a bit longer, as i felt like they ended too soon, but perhaps the reason they seemed short, is just because i was enjoying them so much, i didn't want them to end.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.myspace.com/makeitbetterlater


Gravatar skapixie! says:-

omg make it better later rule! ive seen them live twice now and there an amazing band!

21st March 2007 @ 23:11:03 GMT

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