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Sketches for Albinos - That City is a Liar

Reviewed by Dave on 23rd April 2007

‘That City is a Liar’ is a nine track EP that pre-dates the mini-album ‘Red’ that we featured some time ago here on rawkstar.net and is currently available on iTunes (bizarrely called ‘Sketches For Albinos’) courtesy of Ropeadope Records.

‘…Liar’ starts off with the upbeat ‘Tanzen als Gäbe es Hein Morgen’ the song features what can only be described as beautifully harmonious sounds, these sounds combine together to create a brilliant opening track which serves as a good preparation for what is to come.

What follows ‘Tanzen als Gäbe es Hein Morgen’ are eight brilliant post-rock tracks, but it’s not just post-rock Sketches is one of those bands that defies attempts to label them, whilst ‘Tanzen’ and ‘Haruki’ are very definitely chilled out post-rock ‘The Man Who Was October’ sounds more like something from Badly Drawn Boy’s ‘The Hour of The Bewilderbeast’ with its subtle vocals and acoustic guitar.

Stand out tracks on ‘…Liar’ include the aforementioned ‘The Man Who Was October’ and ‘Anna Karina’ a short but very moving piano piece. On each listen of the album a different track stands out, and each time you hear something new in your favourite song, it is this and the fact that each track sounds like it has been created with passion and care and then polished to perfection that make ‘That City is a Liar’ a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.myspace.com/sketchesforalbinos


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