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Wishbone Ash - First Light

Reviewed by HelenB on 8th May 2007

'First Light' is a must-have for all true Wishbone Ash fans, as it's the first known recording from the legendary band. It was recorded in 1969 and missed being released because the band had already clinched a major U.S. deal, and deemed these recordings to be too raw for release.

The recordings were forgotten about for 35 years, until they were rediscovered at an auction by someone who realised their value, and they were subsequently made into an album for sale. The old recordings still echo the band's famous sound, with the two leading guitars working amazingly well together, but they're less polished tracks than fans might be used to, as the band had yet to perfect the incredible sound.

There are some real gems on this album, a lot of which fans wills recognise, as most went on to become tracks on other albums. 'Roads of Day to Day' is a truly captivating song, and Andy Powell's vocals are really beautiful. The other most memorable track is 'Errors of My Way', which has a slow effective guitar riff that gets progressively faster as the track goes on, only to slow down again as it closes. These changes of speed mirror the subject of the song, about making mistakes, but ultimately learning from them.

You can't really call yourself a fan of this band if you don't go out and purchase this album, as it's this music that got them their first album deal, and it shows their brand of rock and roll music at its edgiest and rawest.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.wishboneash.com
Buy It Now: amazon.co.uk


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