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Rob Kendt - I'm not Sentimental (Oct 2007)

Reviewed by HelenB on 13th July 2007

Rob Kendt is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, and 'I'm not Sentimental' is his second solo album. His first record 'I Hope it's me' was released in 2002, and Rob has clearly been making the most of his time since then, as his latest offering is seriously innovative and enjoyable.

The only way I can describe this music is to say that the experience of listening to it is reminiscent of reading a book. My reason for saying this is that each track on the album is like a short story. All the songs have a narrative element to them that gives the impression they have all jumped out of the pages of a book.

It's easy to see Rob Kendt as the narrator of these stories, because his singing style is more like talking than singing anyway. The songs are also quite theatrical and wouldn't seem out of place on Broadway or in Fred Astaire musicals. This aspect of the music probably comes from Rob's history as a theater critic.

Despite the story-telling element that's evident in all of the songs, each track is surprisingly different, blending various types of music and influences. Some, such as 'Oops I did Bungalow Bill' (which amazingly and successfully combines a Britney number with a Beatles song) are extremely jazzy and others like 'I'm not sentimental' are very much cabaret/lounge styled.

There's a warmth to his music that is really refreshing, and with every track you hear, the more you grow to appreciate the sound. It never gets tiring.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/robkendt


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