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Mercury Prize 2007 - And the winner is...

Posted by Bob on 4th September 2007 in Quickies

The Klaxons - WHY?! Better than the tripe that won it last year? Not much... They decided to wreck the podium when collecting their award, you think they'd know how a microphone works...i.e. don't put it right in your mouth!!

I was hoping for Bat For Lashes, which is one of my favourite albums of 2007. Saying that, I'm always weary of the bands I like winning the prize due to 'the curse' and all... so lets hope The Klaxons aren't affected by it...

Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold


Gravatar Rall says:-

Only because you LOVE her.

12th September 2007 @ 21:06:45 GMT

Gravatar Bob says:-

:P I don't, she's not BLONDE!

13th September 2007 @ 02:25:21 GMT

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