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Who the BPI really should sue...

Posted by Rall on 19th October 2006 in Random

I haven't written one of these yet, well I haven't written much of anything but this was a bandwagon I had yet to jump on. Since I'm finding it quite amusing that lots of people seem to aimlessly post their wholly uninteresting thoughts into the world for others to.. well.. ignore, I thought if I got involved the whole thing might eventually implode.

Wait, I'm supposed to talk about music aren't I. Umm...

"I was thinking that instead of the music industry suing all the people downloading music illegally, why can't they sue all the people who listen to their walkman/iPod too loudly and annoy me every single day with their shit taste in music and out of time foot tapping. I'm pretty sure that unlicensed 'public performance' of music constitutes as a breech of copyright in some way and you know what, I'd report every single one of them - as long as I can be the one that stamps their expensive piece of conspicuous consumption into the dirt."

Will that do?

Section 54

Posted by Bob on 8th August 2006 in Random

I'd like to announce the launch of Section 54 Mk. II.

It has a fancy new design and a lot better organised that the previous incarnation. So without further delay, visit section54.com NOW!!!

All you'll ever be is a dancer...

Posted by Andreas on 5th April 2006 in Random

Is a song by This Et Al. Furthermore, I absolutely love it. From the jarring chords to the sensitive chorus bit, it's all good. Ticking in at under 2 minutes "all you'll ever be..." is terribly short, but my, those 96 seconds are purest gold.

Placebo .Meds - Fancy packaging!

Posted by Bob on 21st March 2006 in Random

I ordered the new Placebo album 'Meds' the other week from HMVs website, at the time I thought £17.99 was a bit much for a CD with a bonus CD. But I ordered it anyway! It's one of my CD buying 'rules', if there is a special edition, I have to get it! This applies even if I'm not a massive fan of the band... Anyway, I'm still not convinced that it was worth £17.99. - Edit: I just found it on Amazon for a whole £7 cheaper! D'oh. Oh well, that'll teach me not to shop around!

Back to the album itself, the packaging looks like a book, the book part has mostly images with the song lyrics, CD/DVD content and the usual credits part in it. The first half of the book is promo pictures of the album artwork, which is basically an almost naked woman, the rest of it contains pictures from the recording of the album, random arty shots of walls and guitars etc.

I will try and get a review up of the music and DVD at some point, but here are a couple of pictures of the packaging taken with my cameraphone (so excuse the poor quality...). Click the thumbnails below to view.

Placebo .Meds (packaging 1)

Placebo .Meds (packaging 2)

Random posting

Posted by Bob on 24th February 2006 in Random

An amusing video...

Click here to view Quicktime required...